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By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
July 26, 2022

Shoulders are very complex joints and the more complicated a joint is, the more likely it is to end up with issues. Shoulder replacement in Manassas, VA is not usually the first choice, but in some cases, it may be necessary. Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists with offices in Haymarket, and Manassas, VA has a team of skilled surgeons who can provide shoulder replacement surgery and lots more.

About the Shoulder Joint

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, and it has more mobility than any other joint in your body. Four muscles and tendons make up the rotator cuff, and it is very helpful in the movement of the shoulder. Think about all the different movements that your shoulder can make. It's quite amazing.

Common Shoulder Conditions

Shoulders can be damaged by injuries and also by wear and tear due to aging. Osteoarthritis is a common reason for shoulder pain, and it can include spurs. Spurs can cause a tear to the tendon or muscle of the rotator cuff, which also causes pain. Frozen shoulder is also a common condition that causes loss of mobility and pain. These are just a few of the many conditions that can affect this joint.

Treatments for Shoulder Conditions

When you go to your orthopedic doctor, they will start with conservative treatment, including anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone shots, and physical therapy. For many people, these treatments provide at least some temporary relief.

When It Is Time for Shoulder Replacement in Manassas, and Haymarket, VA

When conservative treatment options fail to provide relief and your life is impaired, it is time to consider shoulder replacement surgery. Shoulder replacement is major surgery and is never decided on lightly. It requires general or regional anesthesia. Shoulder replacement is not just one surgery, there are several types of replacement.

In a total shoulder replacement, both the ball and the socket are replaced with artificial ones. The ball is typically made of metal and the socket is plastic.

With a reverse total shoulder replacement, the end of the arm bone is replaced with a socket and the socket in the shoulder is replaced with a ball.

Partial shoulder replacement is an opinion if only the call is damaged and the socket is still in good condition.

If your shoulder pain is making it difficult to perform the activities of daily life, it is time to visit an orthopedic doctor. Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists with offices in Manassas, VA, and Haymarket, VA, can provide the services you require. To contact us for an appointment, you can give us a call at (703) 369-9070, or you can use the form on our website.

By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
July 12, 2022
Tags: Hip Replacement  

Hip problems can severely affect your ability to carry on with everyday activities, so if you've had to undergo a hip replacement surgery, or been told you need one, then you are aware of the difficulties. Surgery typically means that noninvasive approaches were exhausted or were not a feasible option to restore your physical dexterity. Some important topics regarding hip replacement surgery will be explored below, including common causes and what you can expect, but to learn much more you can reach out to your local orthopedic surgery experts of Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists in Haymarket and Manassas, VA.

Hip Pain

Bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, among others, there are many components in your hip joint that work in tandem to keep you mobile. Injury to any of these can cause your whole hip discomfort. Typically, your doctor prescribes a variety of non-invasive treatments to reduce your symptoms and restore your hip's ability to function. But if these early treatments were not successful then the next step is often surgery, in this case, it's hip replacement surgery.

What to Expect

At its most basic explanation, hip replacement surgery typically involves the removal of damaged bone and cartilage and the replacement of these with prosthetic parts, the exact details of the procedure will depend on your own specific needs.

The surgery takes place under general anesthesia and can take a few hours to complete, so expect the usual warnings before and after the procedure as you would with most surgical treatments.

Complete recovery can take from 6 months to about a year for most and it involves physical therapy and rehabilitation to restore mobility and assure proper healing during the process.

Hip Replacement in Haymarket and Manassas, VA

If due to hip joint issues you believe you may need hip replacement surgery in the near future you can schedule a consultation in Haymarket and Manassas, VA with Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists by dialing (703) 369-9070.

By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
February 10, 2022
Tags: Hip Pain  

What Treatments Can Relieve My Hip Pain?

Treating your hip pain depends largely on what exactly is causing it. A number of important parts make up this joint and allow it to carry out its simple yet complex function. Any of these parts can become damaged and cause discomfort to your entire hip joint. For certain cases, a conservative approach may be all that's necessary to relieve it, but for recurring pain, something more in-depth may be required to manage it. Some key points will be covered below but if you would like to learn more about how to relieve your hip pain in Haymarket and Manassas, VA, you should contact your local professionals of Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists.

Conservative Approach

Overexercise can bring on hip pain and the recommended treatment is often simply to rest until the joint has had time to heal.

For many, age is the most common factor affecting joint discomfort. Conditions such as arthritis can make joint pain much more likely.

The goal of conservative treatments is to help manage the pain and reduce stiffness. For this, physical therapy can be of great help, along with over-the-counter medication for pain.

But if your pain continues and you are not finding relief from conservative treatments then it may be time to speak with your doctor about other options.

Surgical Approach

When dealing with fractures and with pain that is chronic, as in it keeps coming back, or is severe, then surgery may be prescribed by your doctor.

Surgery usually involves the removal of the damaged parts of the joint, typically bone and cartilage, and replacing these with prosthetic counterparts. Recovery from surgery can take some time but physical therapy will also help you restore mobility to your joint.

Hip Pain Treatment in Haymarket and Manassas, VA

For help managing and treating your hip pain, you can schedule a consultation with your Haymarket and Manassas, VA, experts of Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists by dialing (703) 369-9070.

By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
February 08, 2021
Tags: Neck Pain  

Your neck is one of the hardest worked parts of your body. It supports your 11-pound head and facilitates intricate movement, such as holding it up to watch T.V. and moving it down to look at your phone. Usually, neck pain is related to keeping it in one position for too long. We have all felt that pain after a night at the movies, but if your pain is frequent and severe, it could be a more serious condition. If you have such symptoms as numbness, radiating pain, and weakness, visit your doctor at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists located in Manassas and Haymarket, VA.

Common Cause of Neck Pain:

  • Staying in one position too long
  • Sleeping uncomfortable
  • Out-of-date glasses prescription
  • Sudden or repetitive movements that strain your neck
  • Accidents
  • Poor posture
  • Herniated disk


Treating a Sore Neck

The occasional sore neck can be treated with rest and ice or pain medication to reduce the inflammation. If the pain is frequent, however, you should see your doctor because it could be related to a spinal injury. As you get older, you might have neck pain triggered by arthritis or degenerative disc disease. These types of diseases happen over time due to repetitive use, bad sleeping habits, or weakening muscles.

A chiropractor or neck massage may offer short-term relief. Even medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce inflammation. However, the best treatment for your neck pain is a combination of physical therapy and other lifestyle changes. The Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists will consider your personal experience when designing a treatment for your neck pain. Our doctors in Haymarket and Manassas, VA, might recommend more serious treatment involving surgery, but this is for rare cases.

Common Treatments for Neck Pain:

  • Ice the neck for 15-20 minutes on and off
  • Use anti-inflammatory medication
  • Exercise your neck to strengthen the muscles
  • Cortisone shots to reduce swelling
  • Heating pad to help the neck heal

Next time you sleep on the wrong side of the pillow, consider visiting Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists in Manassas, VA, or Haymarket, VA, to correct your neck. Our team of highly qualified orthopedic doctors can treat any problem causing you neck pain. Call 703-369-9070 to schedule an appointment today!

By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
December 14, 2020
Tags: Wrist Pain  

If you are concerned about the health of your wrist, come to Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists located in Manassas, VA, to manage your wrist pain. While most discomfort goes away on its own, you may want to take additional measures and seek medical attention.

What should you do about your wrist pain?

Wrist pain can arise from repetitive movements like typing or playing a sport, like a tennis. Ganglion cysts, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis can also cause wrist pain. Lastly, injury through accidents and other activities can cause this type of soreness too.

Managing your wrist pain at home. 

Sometimes, life’s circumstances interfere with getting prompt medical attention. If this is your situation, try using a brace to stabilize the wrist. This technique will keep the joint in place -- especially if it is tender.

Taking an over the counter medication can temporarily relieve aches you may experience. They are generally fast-acting and alleviate the inflammation during the day. Cold compresses are also beneficial for reducing swelling, redness, and lack of movement through the joint.

Easy ways to prevent wrist pain.

If you type often, do exercises that cause high impact on the wrists, or otherwise routinely strain this joint, be careful to take as many breaks as possible. Patients that work in office environments may need to ask for ergonomic desk equipment. Doing wrist exercises can help strengthen the muscles of the forearm, which will stabilize the movements through the joint, as well.

Lost-lasting wrist pain and discomfort that lasts.

For aches that do not go away after several weeks, medical attention may be necessary. If a fracture or some other injury caused your wrist pain, this is particularly true. Your doctor may be able to assist you by administering cortisone shots or by another intervention.

To schedule an appointment, you may reach the staff at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists in Manassas, VA, at 703-369-9070.