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Our Physical Therapy Services
By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
June 23, 2020

You may think that physical therapy is only necessary after recovering from surgery, fall, or trauma. But it's also beneficial for many more issues with the body, including sports injuries, wrist, hand, knee, and shoulder pain. If these areas are damaged and not properly attend to, the consequences can be uncomfortable. At Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists, our care team can help with pain management. To learn more about our physical therapy services in detail, give us a call or schedule a consultation in our Manassas or Haymarket VA office today.

Conditions that Require Physical Therapy Services

Many musculoskeletal conditions can benefit from physical therapy. Acute conditions are sudden, onset, and include bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis. Chronic problems tend to last longer and take longer to recover from, if at all. They include fibromyalgia, tendon or rotator cuff tear, or herniated disc.

Our doctors will decide the best approach to your injury after performing a physical assessment. During this evaluation, your doctor will observe your gait. They will also ask questions about your previous levels of function, how this injury, disability, or disease is affecting your daily life, and spend time on teaching you more about what may be going on regarding the problem. Methods of physical therapy often include exercises, ultrasound, massage, ice, heat, or electrical muscle stimulation. The type of treatment received in our Manassas or Haymarket VA office will depend on where the condition originates.

When to Visit a Physical Therapy Specialist

If you suddenly have trouble getting out of bed, walking, running, climbing stairs, etc., don't ignore these signs that something is wrong. Consider visiting our Manassas or Haymarket VA office for a consultation on physical therapy services to address complaints related to headaches, neck, leg, back, and joint pain, or difficulty with movement. Additionally, if you experience numbness or tingling in these areas as well as the hands or feet, our professionals can recommend a treatment option that incorporates exercises to your unique needs.

For more information about the conditions we treat and services provided at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists, visit our website. For appointment scheduling at our Haymarket and Manassas VA office, please call 703-369-9070.