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By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
March 24, 2022
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If you are experiencing recurring discomfort at your elbow joint you know just how much it can affect your daily activities and daily life in general. Pain and discomfort are but symptoms of an underlying elbow problem, and while over-the-counter pain medication can help alleviate these, to really treat the source you should contact your Haymarket and Manassas, VA, professionals. Some of the most common signs that there may be cause for concern will be outlined below, but trust your instincts if you believe there is something wrong and reach out to Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists to learn more.

Signs of Trouble

Common causes of recurring elbow pain are either overuse or injury, in the form of a strain or sprain. Both sports and work can contribute to the discomfort if they involve repetitive movement of the joint.

Elbow pain can be caused by damage to either the muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bones, there are a lot of interconnected elements in the elbow. Determining which is the underlying factor, or if it's a combination of them, is your doctor's first priority to determine the best type of treatment.

The physical signs you'll want to look for, besides pain, are swelling, redness, stiffness, and or clicking and popping when you move your elbow.

Treatment for Elbow Problems in Haymarket and Manassas, VA

If your discomfort is new and not severe you can often treat it at home using ice and elevation to manage the inflammation and accompany it with rest to allow it to heal. If after a day or two you are still suffering from pain, or if the pain worsens instead of getting better, then it's time to see your doctor.

You can bypass home treatment if the pain is severe enough to interfere with your everyday activities. Your doctor may suggest immobilization with either a cast or a splint, physical therapy, or corticosteroid injections, among other treatments options. Only severe cases may be prescribed surgery.

But it all begins with a diagnosis, so if you are struggling with an elbow problem you can find relief by scheduling a consultation in Haymarket and Manassas, VA, with Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists by dialing 703-369-9070.