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By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
July 28, 2022
Category: General
Tags: Physical Therapy  

The benefits of physical therapy are many, it's why so many professionals recommend it as a way to recover from injuries and health conditions, as well as a way to manage chronic pain, and often even to avoid surgery. There is a lot to know regarding physical therapy and how it can benefit your own specific needs than what is covered below, so to learn much more you can contact your local Haymarket and Manassas, VA, health experts of Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists.

Pain Relief

If you are struggling with pain, a physical therapy plan can help not only help you manage the discomfort but is often tailored to help you eliminate the underlying cause. For those who suffer from chronic pain, physical therapy is often prescribed as an overreliance on strong painkillers can become a problem of its own.

Improved Mobility

Sometimes it's pain that's affecting your mobility, so typical pain management techniques can help here. But your physical therapy specialist can provide mobility assistance in the form of devices such as crutches, canes, or boots, that support your limb as it heals. Through physical therapy, in time, you can often eliminate the need for these assistance devices.


Whether you're an athlete or work a physical job physical therapy can help you get back to your everyday activities. Every doctor will always tell you to rest as you begin to heal, but just as important as rest is to safely get moving again. Physical therapy can provide that progression until you're on your own feet again.


As part of recovery from surgery, most surgeons recommend physical therapy as an important step. It can help reduce post-surgical pain, restore your mobility, and help you recover. In some cases, if physical therapy is providing you the relief you need and providing positive results you may be able to avoid surgery altogether

Physical Therapy in Haymarket and Manassas, VA

If you are interested in the many benefits of physical therapy you can schedule a visit in Haymarket and Manassas, VA, with Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists by dialing (703) 369-9070.

By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
March 11, 2021
Category: General
Tags: Physical Therapy  

After an injury or surgery, it takes time to get your body back in working shape. However, oftentimes, your body can’t fully heal on its own, which is where physical therapy steps in. Physical therapy is an essential part of recovery and your physical therapists at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists in Manassas and Haymarket, VA, are here to guide you through the benefits of physical therapy.

What is Physical Therapy and What Can It Help?

Physical therapy is the treatment of impaired physical functions due to various types of conditions. Through physical therapy with your doctors at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists in Manassas and Haymarket, VA, physical therapy can restore your mobility as well as speed up the rehabilitation process.

Physical therapy can be used to treat many issues, such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Fracture injuries

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has an immense number of benefits, such as:

  • Restoring strength to your muscles
  • A better sense of balance
  • Recovery after an injury
  • Increasing your range of motion

When you begin physical therapy, your therapist will develop a plan custom fit to your needs and with your specific goals in mind. Problems with movement can affect your daily life and decrease your quality of life, and your physical therapist is here to make sure that you can have the best quality of life possible for you and to help you accomplish your goals when it comes to lessening your pain. Oftentimes, physical therapy can reduce or even eliminate the need for surgery, taking the worry of surgery off your mind.

Contact Your Doctor Today!

If you struggle with chronic pain or are struggling to rehabilitate after an injury, make sure to contact your doctor at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists in Haymarket or Manassas, VA, at (703) 369-9070 today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions that you may have!

By Northern Virginia Orthopedic Specialists
November 15, 2019
Category: Pain Management
Tags: Physical Therapy  

Find out when getting physical therapy could benefit your health.

Since many people assume that physical therapy is just for those with injuries or certain conditions, you might be surprised to learn that Physical-Therapisteven healthy individuals who aren’t dealing with issues can still benefit from physical therapy. Here’s what you should know about getting physical therapy from our offices in Manassas and Haymarket, VA.


What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is an exercise and rehab program designed to improve a person’s level of physical functioning usually after dealing with an illness, injury, or health problem. Physical therapy is a conservative treatment option that can reduce your symptoms and improve how your body functions as a whole to make your daily routine and activities easier to complete. Our Manassas, VA, physical therapists offer a variety of exercises and manual therapy options, as well as patient education to better understand your condition. We can help you get your symptoms under control and facilitate faster healing for those dealing with injuries.


What problems can physical therapy treat?

Physical therapy can provide many benefits to people suffering from a range of conditions and injuries. In fact, most people can benefit from seeing a physical therapist at some point during their lifetime. Physical therapy can help:

  • Reduce or even eliminate pain with medication
  • Improve mobility
  • Prevent the need for surgery
  • Rehab stroke patients
  • Treat sports-related injuries
  • Manage diabetes and other vascular disorders
  • Manage heart and lung disease

While physical therapy can also treat an ever-growing range of problems here are some of the most common issues we address:

  • Joint pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Work-related injuries
  • Burns
  • Herniated disc
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Stroke and other neurological disorders
  • Vertigo
  • Headaches

These are only some of the problems we treat and we aren’t just limited to treating conditions that affect the bones, joints, and tissues—we can also improve other systems and areas of the body, as well.


How can physical therapy benefit healthy individuals?

You may be surprised to learn that even people who are healthy and aren’t dealing with aches, pains, health problems, or injuries can also benefit from physical therapy. Many people believe that PT is just for those needing to rehab injuries and conditions; however, it can also be incredibly beneficial for people looking to prevent problems. For instance, we can also pinpoint problems and potential injuries before they become serious and provide you with the proper exercises and treatments that you need to remain healthy.


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Whether you are an athlete looking to prevent injuries or you are currently dealing with a musculoskeletal injury in Manassas or Haymarket, VA, the team here at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists can help lead you on the road to recovery. Call either of our offices today at (703) 369-9070!